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Fish Spa​

This therapeutic spa uses Gara Rufa fish, a specific type of fish that has long been used for therapeutic purposes. Using fish as a type of therapy can help from various funguses and bacteria, in the top layers of the skin, as the fish feed on these micro-organisms. As the fish consume these microbes, a slight suction is created, giving what is known as a micro-massage to the person receiving the treatment. This micro-massage helps opening the capillaries in the areas receiving the treatment, thus increasing the blood flow in the inflicted areas. After receiving the treatment from the fish, a relaxing massage from a qualified and experienced masseuse is given, using peeling soap and relaxing massage oils.​

The Fish spa is continually looks after the safety and welfare of the customers. We closely look after the water system. The water tank constantly flows through a cleaning system and the water is changed with fresh water every day. The tank has a UV-filtration system in order to kill bacteria and fungus in the water. All of these safety measures have been placed in order to ensure total confidence that the water used in the tank is clean safe to use for your safety.​


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