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Thai massage in Aarhus

A noble and original body therapeutic craft,

- originally from India.

Through pressure and stretch the body cure, heal and strengthen

Thai massage is a full body massage with work on the body's meridian lines, which are also known from acupuncture. With Thai massage you get deep into the connective tissue, and the massage can help to strengthen the body flexibility, loosen tensions stimulate internal organs, balancing its energy paths and even help adjust the skeletal structure.​

​A relaxed body allows peace of mind. Everyday stress and tension will disappear and you will often after the massage feel fresh and full of energy to cope with the daily demands of work and home. The feeling of wellbeing massage gives leads to better self-esteem and greater profits. Blood circulation works better when the muscles are relaxed, and the body therefore take up more oxygen and nutrientsimmune system is strengthened and the body will be better able to resist diseases.


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